About CWC


CWC is a wellness based company different from the rest. Why? We present unparalleled knowledge and practices from the masters of the East that are not yet mainstream or accessible, and share them with the West in a format best suited for the over-booked and over-scheduled. We do not compromise in the least when it comes to bringing awareness to, assessing then addressing personal obstacles or challenges that are serving to prevent you from ertunately have become prisoner to. Like a black cloud of smoke, it has consumed us to the level that our peace, inspiration, clarity and confidence has suffered. Like a domino effect, once greater levels of fear and stress have taken hold, we begin to lose sight of who we are, and begin to question every angle of our lives. How do you turn things around and actually gain positive momentum in the direction you intend?

“Marcie is such an incredible healer and teacher. I am so thankful that through our sessions together she was able to teach me to be in the moment and to be able to meditate. It is such a gift to feel more connected! Marcie certainly has given me a lifelong gift of being more at peace through this practice. Thanks again Marcie for your awesome work as such a knowledgeable healer!”

— Cheryl Bacchi

CWC designs personalized programs that are both knowledge based and involve personal experience. For instance, if you’ve never tasted a mango fruit before and I have, and I only describe it to you and not let you hold it, smell it and taste it, you have no personal experience of what a mango truly is. That is not fair. In order for the positive to take foot, there is a process to purify and release the negative. That’s step one. Step two is, through a combination of knowledge and meditation, you begin to gain strength and clarity in the right direction. Step three, once you begin to keep the negative and fear based thoughts and actions at bay, and you are gaining strengtnjoying a life of ease, peace, success and fulfillment.

There is a palpable level of stress, anxiety, worry and fear that we can’t help but feel, and unfoh through meditation and positive intention, you now step into the drivers seat, no longer feeling like a backseat passenger.