Four Essential Elements


We are comprised of Four Essential Elements, amongst many other effects. But in focusing on what makes us human, with all the multiple moving parts, and all that we are, for posterity’s sake allow me to elaborate.

Aside from the obvious; our bodies, our desires, our victories and struggles, our gifts and abilities, as well as our challenges and learned personality, what makes us tick? Who are we truly at our core? What or who is running the show? Do we have any say as to the course of our lives? Are we just rag dolls at the cruel hands of fate? Nope.  I can assure you, there is no Wizard hiding behind a curtain frantically shaking a Magic 8 Ball attempting to command our destiny, although at times it may feel like it.

All of Creation exists under the grand canopy of the stars and skies as well as four other elements; Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Earth: Representing the planet, our physical structure, our physical health and our ability once learned, to de-charge and re-charge energy and become centered and grounded.

Fire: Actual fire but also the energy of the sun, this element relates to our emotional self. This element when in balance, aids in burning negativity, negative karmas, our learned personality limitations and challenges, and eliminates fear. When we can diminish fear down to a grain of sand, we literally achieve a ‘re-set’ to our life.

Water: Our mental self relates to this element, and when healthy, promotes balance, greater mental clarity and peace, and helps to wash away confusion, illusions and helps us gain greater confidence.

Air: This element relates to our spiritual self and shows up in our lives as a greater capacity to love, to give and receive love, and to our ability to connect to the silence and consciousness levels.

So now that you’ve got a better understanding and blueprint to your life, what tools, knowledge and practices you need and can access, you are on the road to clearing up all the things in your life that no longer serve you and to creating the things you do want or need. Everything is a process, all of life follows a process. So you gotta ask yourself, are you ready to grab the reigns and redirect your career, financial health, physical and emotional health, and your relationships to a higher positive? Giddy up…

          CWC offers an uncommon means by which individuals, groups and organizations alike, can get from point A to Z at a desired pace, with positive and lasting results, and with greater joy, love and ease. It’s my job to help you through a personalized process of meditation, fitness/wellness, and knowledge, to get you where you desire to be in all areas of your life. And it’s also my job to work with you and for you to make this happen in the shortest amount of time. I’m a Western chick here to bring you a shot glass full of all the great Eastern masters , and I present my work in a unique way by removing the resistance and ‘pre-defeat’ voice in your head. If I can do it, so can you. All you have to do is call me…