A complimentary 30 minute phone, FaceTime or *onsite appointment is available (*travel fees may apply for clients who are at a greater distance).


Onsite Sessions

Each session may vary in time (25-50 minutes) for Meditation or Presentation & Meditation

25 minutes: $50.00

50 minutes: $80.00

“Marcie guides me along the path of true clearing, propelling me forward, out of my own way and ego, streamlining my actions towards God’s intended purpose. It’s intoxicatingly addicting!”

— A. Frans


(A presentation, Q & A session, and group meditation) 1 to 2 hours in length

1 hour of presentation and meditation: $250.00

2 hours of presentation, Q & A and meditation: $450.00 to $700.00 (*travel and format will affect pricing)

Small Group or Private Coaching Sessions

50 minutes: $85.00 per group, $150.00 per individual

1.5 hours: $120.00 per group, $250.00 per individual



(onsite and offsite available)


Once a mutual understanding is reached as to what is desired for the needs of the company, group, or organization, pricing will reflect number of days involved, and travel and expenses deemed appropriate.